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Hi everybody. Have fun with my Forum. Bluesky is a hope. I hope the hope won't be hopeless. It is just a hope. ^_^. However, never give up your hope although it is a small hope

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em làm tiếp bài này nha. có thắc mắc cứ hỏi.
Everyone wants to reduce pollution.But the pollution (1)________________ is as complicated as it is serious. It is complicated (2) ________________ much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. For example,(3) ______________ from automobiles causes a large percentage of all air pollution. But the automobile (4) ______________ transportation for millions of people. Factories (5) ______________ much of material that pollutes the air and water, but factories give employment to a large number of people.

Thus, to end (6) _______________ greatly reduce pollution immediately, people would have to stop using many things that (7)______________ them.Most of the people do not want to do that, of course. But pollution can be (Cool ______________ reduced in several ways. Scientists and engineers can work to find ways to lessen the amount of pollution that such things as automobiles and factories cause. Governments can pass and enforce laws that (9) ______________ businesses and (10) _______________ to stop, or cut down on certain polluting activities. B.problem C. accident D.event

2.A. because C.that D.while

3.A exhaust C.gas D.liquid

4.A. carries B. takes C.affords D.provides

5.A, offer B. bring C.discharge D.cause

6.A to B. or C. so D. that

7.A.benefit B. harm C. motivate D. encourage

8.A.little B. gratually C. so D. that

9.A. require B. forbid C. prevent D. request

10.A. commercials B. surroundings C. individuals D. traffic


Don't be shy. If you're shy, you will die
Never give up your hope although it is a small hope
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