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Hi everybody. Have fun with my Forum. Bluesky is a hope. I hope the hope won't be hopeless. It is just a hope. ^_^. However, never give up your hope although it is a small hope

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A). (1)________________ we cannot see it, the air contains small amounts of water which we call moisture or water vapour.Most of this water rises (2)________________ the land or the sea.Men and women also (3)_______________ moisture when they breathe ( In cold countries we can see this water vapour turn white when we breathe out.) When there is enough moisture in (4)______________ , it turns into different types of clouds.When the water vapour or moisture turns into water we say that condensation has taken place.The water condenses.Clouds are very _____________ drops of vapourised water. When a lot of water condenses in this (6)_______________ it changes into rain or snow.

1.A In spite of B.Although C. As D. When

2.A in B. on C. by D. from

3.A.produces B.produce C. product D.production B. world C.air

5.small B.large C.big D.huge

6.measure B.means C. road D.way


Don't be shy. If you're shy, you will die
Never give up your hope although it is a small hope
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